GFR Video : KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 vs FZ

V logging is fast catching up in India among bike enthusiasts. Every Sunday, hundreds of bikers head to the famous GFR or the Gurgaon – Faridabad Road to unleash the horses within : pun intended! And some of these have SJ Cams / GoPros mounted on their helmets. We came across one such video from a recent Sunday ride.

Although very thrilling, the video also showcases numerous close calls. We all love riding hard but guys, one little mistake can prove fatal. I am not taking any sides here but really hope these riders tone down a bit in the weeks to come. And yes, good riding gear is equally important, something that the R15 rider lacked completely.

Here are some screenshots from the video!

The Duke 200 guy overtakes the R15 at 84. Leaned in!


There was also a Duke 390 in this ‘friendly’ race


107 and he finds a gap between the Activa and the Alto 800


Close call at 102 : the Ritz coming in!


105 and zipping past the Splendor, City and Alto. The R15 rider is pretty fast


105 and the R15 rider almost kisses the Kwid


100+ : The FZ joins in and manages to stay ahead of the R15. Wohh!


The auto almost wipes them out


110+ and scaring those cyclists!


The last shot! Video follows below


What do you think? As I said above, we all love pushing our bikes to the limits but the trouble is, we all will run out of luck at some point of time. Godspeed..

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