Himachal Looks Beautiful In Fresh Snowfall

A few days back we had shared images of how beautiful Keylong looks in the season’s first snowfall – LINK and now we have access to more pictures showing the beautiful landscape this state. Sissu Camp had shared these images on their Facebook page and needless to say, we couldn’t help but share them here as well.

This is the other end of Rohtang Tunnel that ends at Sissu


Thats the Bhaga river


Bridge connecting the tunnel with Manali-Leh highway

For the uninitiated, it snowed heavily above Manali recently and Rohtang Pass, gateway to Ladakh / Spiti / Lahaul valley is now under 3-5 feet of snow. If the weather improves, BRO or border roads organisation will try to clear it up and open the pass for locals to pass thru. This is essential as the towns and villages on the other side will remain cut off from the rest of the world till May 2018.

Snow everywhere!


Road leading to the tunnel entrance
Another shot of the bridge

While these images are of Sissu (before Keylong while coming from Manali), our friend Jony Singh also sent us these images shot by Rohtang Riders

10km from Koksar (between Keylong and Rohtang)

Don’t you feel like just sitting here forever with a hot coup of coffee or soup? The first snowfall has been heavy and nothing short of making this place look right out of a fairytale! At the same time, a lot of people are stranded at Koksar and as the weather improves, will be rescued via the snowed out Rohtang Pass soon


Kaza (Spiti valley) looks like this


Jony Singh (left) with Raid de Himalaya champ Suresh Rana (shot above Manali)


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