Jeep Showroom Staff Beats Up Owner

UPDATE: Here is the official statement from Landmark (showroom)

Jeep India has been having issues operating in India : from manufacturing defects to a recent recall to this video that is now going viral on Facebook as well as Whatsapp Groups. Update – this incident happened a month back.

The incident is said to have happened in New Delhi. As per details with us (not officially acknowledged by Jeep India yet), a Compass SUV developed issues due to a manufacturing defect. The owner, a BJP worker, approached the showroom and was told the car will be repaired in 10-15 days. The vehicle was sent to Gurgaon but the issue couldn’t be rectified.

Here is the video of the incident (click to play)

The car was sent back to Moti Nagar outlet. When the owner went there to have a check, he was surprised see that the car was parked idle and was not attended to. Naturally, he was furious. It is known that the owner vented his anger on the staff and also abused them. The staff in turn got violent and as seen in the video, attacked the owner.

We are still not sure who is at complete fault. That said, an owner is bound to get angry when he receives such a treatment for a Rs 18 – 20 lakh vehicle.

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