The Best Of Off-Road Adventure Zone Gurgaon

Oraz or the Off-road adventure zone has to be India’s best facility of those love living life off the road. Brain child of 39 year old Vikramjeet Sharma, this place is spread across 10 acres and is located just off the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway.

Oraz celebrated their first anniversary last week in style and this post is all about the craziest shots that were captured in action. And before we start, let me add that the place is perfect not only for off-road junkies but their families as well. So while you get your hands (and other body parts) dirty off the road,  your better half can enjoy some of the best dishes at their cafeteria and the little ones can play around in the kid zone.

Vikram loves his passion and knows his SUVs in n out

The first anniversary event saw a HUGE HUGE turnover not only in the form of friends, but enthusiasts from as far as Chandigarh. Apart from the regular Thars and Gypsys, we also saw the Wrangler, Fortuner, Landcruiser and other SUVs slug it out! This is a long post with over 40 awesome captures. You can contact Oraz via their official Facebook page here.

An almost stock Thar showing off
That a HIGH jump
Water wading? No problem sir..
Another angle..
Up n away
Slush pits were fun!
Lifting the rear…
Lifting the front…
One of the 1st ones to drive thru the slush pit
Full action for photographers
Up in the air was the common way out
Look at that wheel articulation
The turn out was so good, the event ran into the night as well
From stock to mod, we saw it all
Light weight Gypsy screaming its way out
Thats called a Bunny Hop 😀
The light weight Gypsy dances around
Too tipsy?
Has to be the shot of the day
Thats how you do it!
Thar hates tar
Slush aint no problem
Exiting on 2 wheels sir
Makes it look so easy
Another angle

Old world charm giving tough competition to newer ones
Almost every participant went up in the air
Go go Gypsy
Another Thar
Love the articulation
Even the mighty Pajero was there
Doing it in style
All wheels in the air
Launch alert!
Kicking some dust
This V Cross was in no mood to stop
Bloody good articulation
V Cross is gaining popularity in India
Up above the world so high…
Kickin some dirt again
Weight no bar..
The good old Endeavour
The current gen Fortuner
The Thar has to be India’s most loved 4×4
The Pajero again

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