Baleno To Mercedes Modification Gone Wrong In Kerala

Just got this via Whatsapp : a rather beautifully modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno caught the eye of Kerala police recently. The owner had spent lakhs in converting the car into a Mercedes Benz A Class but had to revert back to the original look.

As per Indian laws, no such modification is allowed without registering the same with the local RTO with changes mentioned in the car’s registration certificate – we are still verifying this as this may change from RTO to RTO. In this case, the Baleno was completely transformed including front and rear changes, alloy wheels and exhaust system.

The modded front (earlier)

As per Team-Bhp, the state transport commissioner had received a complaint and in the end, Mr Anas (Motor Vehicle Inspector) charged a case and led the investigations. The only option left with the owner was to revert back to the original form and show the same to the authorities!

The modded rear (earlier)

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