Exclusive : Kia Niro And Sportage Spied In India

We all know Kia is serious about India and their manufacturing plant is currently under construction in South India. If all goes well, we should see the first Kia model on Indian roads by 2019. This is further communicated in the form of these exclusive spy images that we got from a close friend today.

The Sportage and Niro were spotted at an undisclosed location recently. Sadly, both the vehicles seemed to have been parked for weeks – they both wear a layer of dust. That said, these images further strengthen the fact that Kia’s Indian future is all set.

For the uninitiated, the Niro is Kia’s hybrid crossover or compact SUV that they love to call as HUV or hybrid Utility Vehicle. Its the first Kia to make use of an all-new, dedicated eco-car platform and is an important next step on the path to nearly tripling the brand’s global green car line-up by 2020.

The Sportage on the other hand is a proper SUV that comes with both petrol and diesel engine options. Into its fourth generation, this is also Kia’s flagship model in Europe. That said, it might end up locking horns with its own cousin – yes, we are referring to Hyundai which now owns a part of Kia.

Do see this video of Kia’s upcoming factory – via Team-Bhp


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