Fatal Maruti Vitara Breeza Caught On Cam

With increasing usage of security cameras in India, we keep coming across accident footage from various parts of the country. This video has been in circulation on Whatsapp for the last few days and does look scary.

We did some investigation and found out that the accident happened this week itself in the state of Punjab near Doraha on GT Road. A truck was wrongly parked on the side of the highway (and not in the service lane). The Vitara Brezza was being driven by Manvir Singh who had picked his mother up from IGI Airport (New Delhi).


As seen in the video, either Manvir failed to spot the truck or seemed to have dozed off behind the wheel. It could also be possible that Manvir was trying to overtake a truck from the left – this truck can be seen passing by during the impact. The crash was brutal and Manvir passed away on the spot. A report on Tribune India states his mother was declared brought dead in the hospital. Our deepest condolencesĀ for their family’sĀ loss.

The truck driver in the meantime just drove off showcasing how inhuman we Indian cans be. There was another passenger in the car who is currently being treated for serious injuries.

This footage is also a reminder on how a normal highway journey can turn fatal. We strongly advise our readers to stay alert when on the move and pull over to the side in case you feel sleepy. Better late than never!

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