How To Plan A Trip To Manali In Rs 5000

Thanks to the Internet and social media, there has been a huge spike in the number of Indians traveling out on weekends. Add to it the new age work culture where corporate citizens are always on the look out for a break, tourism has never been so good in our country.

Which also brings me to the point about VFM traveling and backpacking. Can you really manage a 4 day trip to a place like Manali in less than Rs 5,000 per person. The answer is YES! Here’s a quick example considering you are two people traveling together.

Day 1 : Book yourself on a Friday evening Volvo for as low as Rs 648 from Redbus. Can’t make it for the 5pm bus? Try the 7pm for Rs 748. Volvos take about 14-15 hours to get to Manali.

Expenses for the day 
Volvo: Rs 748
Dinner enroute: Rs 150
Total : Rs 898 per head

Day 2 : Arrive into Manali by 10am (considering you took the 7pm bus) and take an up-hill walk to the town. All private Volvos stop 2km short of the mall road but this walk will also allow you to check-out numerous hotels on the way. A cheap but clean hotel near the market will set you back by about Rs 500.
Manali Comforts
 offers the same deal if you book the to and fro Volvo tickets and local cab thru them!

By the river side – trail goes via Van Vihar opp Mall Road

Kill the day exploring the monastery and the van vihar (forest walk) that also has a trail going down to the river side. By evening, its time for window shopping at the mall road.

Expenses for the day
Hotel: Rs 500
Breakfast: Try bread omelette and chai for Rs 50 each at bus stand
Lunch: Try daal chawal or Tibetian Momos for Rs 60 each in Manu market
Dinner: Try the Thali for Rs 60 each in the lanes behind the mall road
Total : Rs 420 per head

Day 3 : This is the day for adventure. Maruti Altos are the most common taxis here. Hire one for 5 hours which will take you till the snow point on the Manali – Rohtang road. The current barrier is at Gulaba – walk a bit and you will find snow. Play with it, take selfies and head down to Solang valley, another highlight for the day.
Once back in town, continue to the Hadimba temple and spend the night at Old Manali Cafes

Expenses for the day 
Hotel: Rs 500
Cab: Rs 2000 for two
Breakfast: Momos as Gulaba for Rs 60 each
Lunch: Bread omlette / Paranthas at Solang for Rs 100 each
Dinner: Treat yourself at a cool cafe in Old Manali for Rs 200 each
Total: Rs 1610 per head

Day 4 : This is the day to take a small hike to a beautiful waterfall. Hire an auto and head to Vashisht hot water springs. Once there, explore the ancient temple and the springs and then start the 1 hour walk to Jogini waterfalls. Its an easy hike through the middle of nowhere and you will surely love this!

Jogini falls. Pic via Tripto

Make sure you get back down by 2pm so that you can check-out, have late lunch at the mall road and walk down to the bus stand

Expenses for the day
Auto (to and fro): Rs 300
Breakfast at Vashisht for Rs 125 each
Lunch at Mall road for Rs 150 each
Dinner enroute Delhi for Rs 150 each
Volvo ticket for Rs 935 each
Total: 1660 per head

That makes it Rs 4,588 per head which leaves enough room for covering the Metro fare / cab fare once in Delhi. Makes sense? If yes, share this link with your friends via the whatsapp button below 🙂

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