India’s Cheapest 100 bhp Motorcycles

Who would have thought that the Indian two-wheeler market would expand so quickly and open its arm to some of the most powerful motorcycles ever made. With increasing number of enthusiasts and better road network, the demand for powerful bikes has shot up rapidly and the reason why we decided to dig out five of the most affordable 100 bhp+ motorcycles out there in the market.

1. Kawasaki Z900
Price: Rs 7.7 lakh
Engine: In-line four
Capacity: 948 cc
Power: 125 PSA worthy successor to the famous Z800, the Z900 has to be the most fun to ride bike in this price segment. And it looks killer! Not only that, the 948cc engine ends up belting out the second highest power here – 125PS, which is even more than the Rs 10.8 lakh Yamaha MT-09

2. Triumph Street Triple
Price : Rs 8.7 lakh
Engine: In-line three
Capacity: 765 cc
Power: 112 PS For about 15% more, you can also opt for the naked Street Triple. Triumph is rapidly expanding its foot print in the Indian market and thanks Kawasaki’s recent negative ownership reviews, customers are now looking at owning this British brand. Mind you, the three pot mill of the Street Triple does sound good!

3. Kawasaki Ninja 1000
Price : Rs 9.9 lakh
Engine: In-line four
Capacity: 1043 cc
Power: 142 PS If you want a ‘full blown’ Superbike for the least amount, this has to be it. The Ninja 1000 gets full fairing and enough power to challenge the best of Supersport machinery out there. The clever pricing of under Rs 10 lakh also serves as a big mental plus point for owners. Go get this one!

4. Triumph Daytona 675
Price : Rs 10.7 lakh
Engine: In-line three
Capacity: 675 cc
Power: 118 PS
Don’t like the 675 cc engine capacity fool you – the Daytona is a mini Supersport Superbike that can run rings around all other bikes mentioned here. This is the real deal, something that only experienced riders should try out. And yes, it looks the sweetest bike here!

5. Yamaha MT-09
Price : Rs 10.8 lakh
Engine: 3-cylinder
Capacity:  847 cc
Power: 115 PS 
The MT-09 is like a young urban lad, out of college and ready to experiment in life. It looks funky and damn aggressive at the same time. The ‘flou yellow’ treatment for the wheels complete the package. And unlike most Yamaha offerings in the big segment, this one gets a 3 pot mill.

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