India’s First Tesla Is Here And Its The Model X

The future is here! Say hello to the India’s first ever Tesla which landed at a Mumbai port recently – thanks to Automobili Ardent. This is the Model X which is known for its performance – 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds along with a top speed of, wait a minute, 250km/h. And its all electric. Yeah, pinch yourself hard!

The Model X is a proper four seater and has power going to all the four wheels. Lets look at the numbers here

By the numbers

  • Range: 400 km
  • Top Speed: 250km/h
  • 0-100 km/h
    • 3.2 s (Ludicrous P90D)
    • 3.8 s (P90D)
  • Quarter Mile
    • 11.7 s (Ludicrous P90D)
    • 12.2 s (P90D)
  • Motor Power: 259 hp front, 503 hp rear
  • Motor Torque : 966 Nm
  • US MPGe: 38 kmpl (P90D)
  • Weight: 2468kg
  • Drag Coefficient: 0.24

The Model X looks cool as well and this has been possible due to the double-hinged Falcon Wing doors. These open up than out, requiring only 30 cm of space on the side of the vehicle. Each door is equipped with capacitive, inductive, and sonar sensors to monitor surroundings and avoid contact with obstacles around the car, making it possible to park in tight spots.

The industry’s first auto presenting door automatically opens and closes as the driver approaches or exits Model X. Why should the driver ever need to touch the door?

Here’s a video of the Model X doing a top speed run

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